This is a story.
“Mr. Hayes,” the slender man smirked. “At Texas Tech we have the best football program in the nation.”

Mrs. Hayes tried to smile as the coach continued.

“From state-of-the-art practice facilities to a personal barber for every athlete, we do our best to pamper our players.”

“Personal barber?” Mr. Hayes sat up.

“So our boys can shine on game day.”

“Jody does like his hair,” Mr. Hayes laughed.

Jody Hayes was the best high school quarterback in the country. Tonight, two coaches from two of the best colleges came for dinner.

“That it?” Mrs. Hayes asked.

“Pardon me?” The skinny coach adjusted his jacket.

“I know you’re going to put pads on my boy.” Jody’s mother paused. “But will he be a man when he takes them off?”

“I don’t follow.”

Mrs. Hayes.” The other coach leaned in. “At Western Texas we also have state-of-the-art practice facilities. And the biggest stadium in the conference.”

“That it?” She held her stare.

“But,” he added. “They don’t get access to any of them until they pass class.”

Two weeks later, Jody Hayes signed with Texas Tech.
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