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Humility is about putting others above yourself. And when you look up to someone, you listen. When I listen, I get to know you, sometimes better than you know yourself.

Boxer’s Benevolence

Knowledge is power, and never more powerful than in the ring. In a sport marked by self-promotion and audacious vanity, there is a hidden humility.

Despite their self-centered façade, boxers know better than most the danger of pride; it comes before the fall, not the knock out. To be the last man standing you can’t afford to be vain, instead you must be vigilant. A mark of a champion is an effective counterpunch, which comes from diligent observation – a mark of humility.

The Telling Truth 

If you called them hustlers, sharks or gamblers, you’d be right. But most of all, poker players are students, and the course is you. There are dollars to be had in your every move, quirk and idiosyncrasy. It pays to get to know you.

It’s a battle of observation, a calculating exchange between opponents played off as casual conversation. Consequently, it’s more about the tell on your face than the cards in your hand.

Adman Sermon 

Despite their reputation for manipulation and lies, advertising’s most successful Admen are humanitarians; they make their money off paying more attention to people than they pay to themselves.

 If you ever need someone to talk to, Advertisers are there to listen. In fact, they will pay you to spill the beans. They love your beans. It’s hard to find a lover more concerned with your needs and wants. 

If you care to listen more clearly than I hear myself, and watch more honestly than I look in the mirror, you will know me better than I know myself. But only if you care, honestly.

Beware of those who care. It pays to get to know you.