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The difference between Classic and Antique is that Classic sticks to its roots and continues to produce good fruit, while Antiques think their roots alone are enough to spread their seed.

The Sony Walkman went on sale in 1979 and revolutionized the portable electronics industry and the way the world consumes music. Shorty after, the Discman was released in 1984. Then… (dramatic pause) In 2001, Sony teamed with Ericsson to create a series of radically marginal telecommunication products and forever pushed the boundaries of extreme mediocrity.

Sony, whether they would admit it or not, got caught resting on its legacy instead of using it as inspiration. The result was lack of innovation and a brand gone stale.

Earlier this month Matt Van Hoven from Vitro in NYC, tweeted at Harley Davidson proposing a ride from New York to Texas for SXSW. Harley quickly accepted the challenge and offered to loan Von Hoven a bike and the neccessary gear. Von Hoven then tweeted, instagramed and blogged his way through the 1,400-mile journey to Austin (From LA).

Van Hoven got a free ride and a story to tell. Harley got a hip, young, social media-savvy voice advocating thier coolness at the nation’s biggest tech/music/interactive bonanza, which exposed them to new demographics and injected punctuality into a brand based on nostalgia and subversion.

Classic takes its values and spreads the wealth, while antiques think investing is too risky.

If you’re going to evoke the past, you better be on time.