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What photography is to mountains, what cooking is to collard greens and what movies are to acting, is what typography is to writing.

They perpetuate greatness.

Typography is the style and appearance of printed matter; the art of arranging type. It comes after the writing is written, but not after the craft is completed.

Before you trivialize typography as the needless dressing up of a finished product, think about your favorite actor. Think about the characters he’s played and stories she’s told. Now ask yourself how much of that did he write himself? You will see that actors are typography in the flesh – through elaborate dress up they bring words to life, and in turn become a living testimony to typography. And the pattern progresses; film becomes the typography of acting, as it transforms performances into cinema… genius is a means, not an end.

What do writers think of typography? I don’t know, but I can tell you what this writer thinks about reality. Carrots are good, but they’re better dipped in ranch. Al Pacino’s cool, but it took Oliver Stone to make him a legend. Greatness comes from collaboration and possibility improves on the present.

Never forget, 

Reality is not a finished product.