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We identify with where we’re from and what we listen to. When they move, they bring their music with them. When they come home, they return with a more eclectic sense of sound. Music carries a certain climate, and climate carries a certain soundtrack. Music and location combined, become a powerful storytelling tool.

People are worried that we’re becoming a homogenized society, that our country is becoming uniform. Local regions are losing their native attitude and neighborhoods are being deluded by strip malls and Taco Bells. I disagree. I believe that music is evidence that we do not live in a homogenized society. Could the Grateful Dead have been from Miami? Could Kurt Cobain have developed his sound in San Diego? Could NWA ever have been straight outa Boston?

It is no secret that artists use their music to tell about the places that inspired them. The Chili Peppers sing about LA, Ray Charles brought Georgia to every show and RunDMC identified with the streets of Queens. The difference in styles is a difference in culture, we are not the same, and it is this individuality that we have in common.

Environmental baggage is a musical thing.

The Mississippi without music is nothing but muddy water. And Muddy Waters without the Mississippi is nothing but a sad guitar player in the swamp.