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The initial upside-down shot establishes the quiet panic that must consume a destitute hiker. We are immediately thrown into the blood dripping delirium of the injured man. Then the Yeti appears! and we immediately believe it. We want there to be a Yeti, we love the Yeti. We play right into the hands of the storyteller. They spin a tale and we wear it like a sweater, just to look down and realize we’re naked and dizzy. Next the majestic mountain montage takes us to our emotional peak. We climax. Not even a full minute into the video and it has told an epic tale of loss, recovery and friendship – not to mention beautiful cinematic delivery. This would be a great movie right!? Yup, but in the mean time your going to lose a leg and four fingers from frost bite.

At the one minute mark we get the twist. The protagonist confesses there is no protagonist. Our susceptibility to fairytale seduction is exposed and the setup to the punch line is in place. Finally they strategically place their message at the realitycheck moment – very powerful, very good storytelling.

Not to many Brands can get away with crushing our dreams and telling us they might show up if were lucky. Well done BBDO.



Credits –

Video created by Colenso BBDO for New Zealand Search and Rescue. The copywriter was Jonathan McMahon and Nick Worthington (other work) was the executive creative director.