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The microphone needs Chris Rock more than Chris Rock needs the microphone – the stage is only as good as its performer.

Many companies have made the mistake of recklessly creating vacant media. They go through painstaking efforts to integrate their message to the online community just to realize it was their message that needed the up-grade. This holds true with traditional media platforms and organizations of all types. Whether your running your companies’ twitter account or writing a press release, your acting as a spokesman for the Brand.

After returning from Afghanistan, Tony Abbott of the liberal party of Australia received significant backlash because of remarks he made concerning a recently diseased soldier. He then bocked when confronted by a reporter, which compounded the problem.

My goal was not to condemn Mr.Abbott, but to point out the importance of being prepared with a well-polished, strategic message when addressing media outlets. The liberal party of Australia has set up Tony with a twitter account, facebook and flickr profile and a youtube channel, all of which are only as useful as the message Tony conveys.

This is a classic case of having the stage, but forgetting the lyrics.