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Jules Vern, the father of science fiction, was a great writer not because he fantasized about lasers and teleporters, but because he didn’t forget who his audience was.

What I mean is, Mr. Verne is best known for his descriptions of miraculous maritime technology, but he was successful because he maintained the human drama throughout all his storylines. Brands, especially ones who deal in technology should take note. It is easy to get wrapped up in your product to the point that you forget who is using it. If Jules Verne had written his novels for fellow engineering geniuses, we never would have heard of him. Instead, he used human drama to fuel his fiction and became a champion of storytelling. Flip’s recent campaign does a great job of meshing the two worlds of sophisticated technology and human emotion. Yes they are selling ultra-small, cutting edge HD video cameras, but they deliver them in a way that reminds us what they’re really for, capturing memories of the people we care about the most.