There is excitement in the unknown.

Mystery is a pillar of a good story and a provocative person. It stimulates interest and cannot be utilized without discretion. The trick is to mesh honesty with intrigue, ambiguity and sincerity, and opacity with transparency. Brands should convey trust, but also stimulate thought. You want to stay on people’s minds after you leave the room, and you can’t do that if your personality is predictable. If the only time people are thinking about you is when you’re talking, you’re in trouble. Don’t be afraid to communicate information organically, letting your customers connect the dots. Be accessible, but don’t give it up on the first date. Sometimes what you don’t say speaks louder than what you do. Cliche works here; action speaks louder words. Let people find out how cool you are. Just like all beautiful women know, don’t be too available.

Leave something to be desired. It’s classy.