Romance is in the details, and lazy lovers get left behind.

Just like a good lover, Brands have a responsibility to satisfy their costumers needs. To do this you must be vigilant. The big things are a given, people need love, adventure and security. But what about the quirks that make us, Us? My lady loves rabbits and hates spiders, so I clean up bunny poop and kill daddy long legs. She never has to ask. Last week I turned 26. During my birthday celebration my cell phone company called me and put me on hold FIVE times. This is example of a lazy lover. T-Mobile can’t keep up in the bedroom, so I found somebody who could. They have more of my personal information than the IRS and they couldn’t even remember my birthday. This is what I call breaking your own heart. Can a lover like this really be surprised when their mate seeks someone more attentive?

As Brands and lovers, lets not forget to be good kissers.